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Ideafest Roadshow 2011
A Remarkable Trip to Baduy
PhotoKlip Brand Identity & Outlet Design
We made the mixture of vintage and contemporary mood as the philosophy of photo itself, it represent something that came from the past but you can always enjoy it at any moment.
Buyut nu dititipkeun ka puun,nagara satelung puluh telu. Bangawan sadiwak lima, pancer salawe negara. Gunung teu meunang dilebur.. Let's see the beauty of diversity..
Amanat Buyut
Brand Identity & Outlet Design
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Ciao! Papua
Penganten Sunat Betawi
Wangi Daun
Garlic Cheese Bread
DEIO Lifestyle
A simply tasty soft garlic bread with cheese topping, hmm~ yummy!
Today's Menu!
Ciao! Papua is one of DEIO Lifestyle product line inspired by the cultural heritage of Papua which existed since thousands of years ago.
"Good design is obvious, great design is transparent" - Joe Sparano